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The Enterprise Factory And The Smart City

01/02/18, 05:30 AMAutomation & NetworkingRapid PrototypingRobotics AcceleratorSmart Manufacturing

Adi Gaskell for Forbes: Such a network ensures you not only have the technological skills required but also the cultural and softer factors that are so important.

VTT: Five percent of spare parts could currently be stored in digital warehouses.

11/22/17, 05:36 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

VTT Research: This would make parts more quickly and easily available, while creating considerable cost savings. Digitalisation will also enable individual customisation and an increase in the intelligence of parts.

GE Healthcare opens its European 3D printing and design centre

10/11/17, 05:34 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

Science Business: The centre combines advanced manufacturing technology, such as metal and polymer printers and collaborative robots, with traditional machining equipment.

Special Tradeshow Coverage for FABTECH 2017

10/10/17, 06:38 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingFabtechRapid PrototypingTradeshows and Conferences

FABTECH 2017 will be held from November 6th – 9th in Chicago, Illinois. This Special Tradeshow report aims to bring you news, articles and products from this years event.

How GE Appliances Built an Innovation Lab to Rapidly Prototype Products

08/03/17, 09:11 PMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

Harvard Business Review: Midway through 2014, GE Appliances launched FirstBuild – a GE-equipped innovation lab and micro-factory – to augment the strengths of a long-established company with those of an entrepreneurial startup. Separation is the key.

This NYC Startup Just Raised $5M to Make Manufacturing in America Viable Again

07/07/17, 05:53 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingTechnology Discussions

By AlleyWatch: Voodoo Manufacturing is a software-enabled 3D printing factory that works with major brands to produce high-quality products, prototypes and parts at scale.

LINK3D Launches Largest Platform To Connect Engineers With Global Additive Manufacturing Services

05/03/17, 05:41 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

After 2 years of research and development, LINK3D; the first global, secure platform that instantly connects engineers to additive manufacturing service providers, is now available to the entire additive manufacturing industry.

Stratasys launches new rapid prototyping Engineering-Grade 3D Printing Solution: The F123 Series

02/08/17, 06:45 AMAdditive & 3D Printing3D Printing

Today there is a vast market opportunity in product prototyping that we feel is not being addressed by current 3D printing systems. The launch of the Stratasys F123 Series targets these product design workgroups, industrial designers, engineers, students and educators who demand a professional quality rapid prototyping solution thats simple to use, produces reliable, engineering-quality results, integrates perfectly within an office or lab setting, and is affordable to own and operate, said Zehavit Reisin, Vice President, Head of Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys. As the company that invented FDM, Stratasys brings a rich pedigree to the F123 Series, providing our customers an optimal balance between usability and high performance. Full Press Release.

Star Prototype Enters New Stage of Growth with Rebrand to Star Rapid

01/26/17, 11:18 AMAdditive & 3D Printing

Star Prototype today announces its rebrand to Star Rapid. The new name comes at a time when traditional manufacturing operations are being combined with technologies like 3D printing to create new development solutions and reflects the companys commitment to manufacture high-quality products.

GE opening microfactory in Chicago to build industrial prototypes

10/24/16, 05:07 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

Robert Channick for the Chicago Tribune: GE is opening a microfactory in Chicago to turn big industrial ideas into small-batch prototypes. The Chicago manufacturing facility, set to open in December, will be the first for Fuse, a new GE crowdsourcing initiative to create and build innovative industrial products. One of the first challenges on the Fuse drawing board, for example, is finding a new way to quickly inspect a hot jet engine between flights. The idea of reaching out to the online community really accelerates how we introduce new products, said Axel Grippo, Fuses inaugural general manager. The microfactory will be housed inside the mHub technology incubator, and will employ a staff of about 15 to 20 once manufacturing gets up to speed, Grippo said. The first prototype is expected to roll out early next year. Contd…

Special Tradeshow Coverage for FABTECH

10/13/16, 08:43 AMMaterials & ProcessesRapid PrototypingTradeshows and Conferences

FABTECH will be held from November 16th – 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This m Special Tradeshow report aims to bring you news, articles and products from this years event.

Why manufacturing will make or break the future of energy

08/29/16, 05:19 AMAutomation & NetworkingSmart Factory

Lauren Hepler for GreenBiz: From solar panels a decade ago to energy storage today, the history of clean tech is littered with capital-intensive concepts poised to radically alter the relationship between industrialized society and the environment. But why do these widely heralded breakthroughs always seem to limp along so slowly when it comes to actually hitting the market? The dreaded valley of death between conception and commercialization is one increasingly recognized explanation, dooming novel technologies to relegation in never-ending pilot projects as follow-on investment lags. For Mark Johnson, the Department of Energys resident innovation expert, the real problem often boils down to production. That is, not just inventing a new energy-centric technologies, but making sure those new tools can be reliably made in a cost-effective manner. Contd…

How 3D Printing Streamlines the Engineering Workflow

08/12/16, 05:25 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

Michael Molitch-Hou for Engineering.com: The desktop 3D printing space has become an interesting one in the last year or so, as manufacturers shift the focus away from consumers and towards professional and industrial users. The technology has proven that it may not quite be ready to produce consumer goods for every householdor perhaps households arent quite ready for 3D printing at home. Those in the industry know, however, that low-cost 3D printing is still a powerful technology, if not for fabricating home goods, then as an early design tool and, in some cases, even for short-run manufacturing. Contd…

This Time, 3D Printer Makers Think They Found a Sweet Spot

08/05/16, 05:53 AMAdditive & 3D PrintingRapid Prototyping

Olga Kharif for Bloomberg Technology: 3D printing has long been a cool technology in search of a huge market. The industry may have found one in mass production. Because of its high cost and slow pace, 3D printings use in manufacturing has been limited mostly to prototyping, making plastic molds for teeth alignment and creating tools. That may be about to change, potentially lifting the shares of printer makers 3D Systems Inc. and Stratasys Ltd. after a long slump. HP Inc. will introduce a $130,000 printer later this year, which it says can make parts at half the expense and at least 10 times faster than rival printers — and likely use lower-cost materials. While HPs entry could be a competitive blow, it may also help expand the market for 3D mass production, where other printer companies have already turned their focus. Jabil Circuit Inc. plans to be an early adopter of HPs device, printing end plastic parts for aerospace, auto and industrial applications that it currently makes using processes such as injection molding, John Dulchinos, vice president of digital manufacturing at the electronics-manufacturing service provider, said in an interview. Contd…

How Big Area Additive Manufacturing is Enabling Automotive Microfactories

06/13/16, 05:07 AMAutomation & NetworkingMicroFactoriesRapid PrototypingSmart Factory

Ian Wright for Engineering.com: Make no mistake, 3D printing is changing manufacturing. Although it may take years before we see the full impact of bringing this technology from rapid prototyping to full-scale production, there are already hints of big things to come. Take Local Motors recent purchase of two Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) systems from Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) as an example. The former company designs, builds and sells custom vehicles out of its US-based microfactories. The latter is a century-old manufacturer of metal fabrication tools and, more recently, BAAM. Contd…

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