Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Services

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Services

3D Rapid Prototype Modeling, FDM and Engineering, for Medical and EOS Applications

If you want to translate your design ideas rapidly and cost-effectively, then consider making a rapid prototype of your part or model before releasing your product to customers.

A.P. Extrusion now has the in-house capabilities to offer rapid prototype services for a wide range of industries.

With our 3D printing services, we can bring your SolidWorks print or R & D schematics to life, in a fraction of the time that it used to take with more conventional tooling methods.

Not sure 3D rapid prototype development is the right manufacturing solution for your company?

Rapid prototyping technologies are a proven method adopted by many industries that has help to improve the overall design process involved in developing a product or improving an existing one. These companies recognize the many benefits of developing rapid prototype models before fully committing time, expenses, and staff to develop an end-product that isnt guaranteed will meet design specifications.

Advantages of inexpensive rapid prototyping:

Allows design engineers to test form, fit and function of a rapid prototype model

Provides the option of developing as many design iterations as necessary, including those with functional parts due to advances in rapid prototyping applications

Reduces design time that in turn speeds up a products time-to-market

Facilitates the identification of design flaws early in process that results in costs-savings

ABS rapid prototype models can be made from durable ABS plastic which can be drilled, tapped, sanded or painted.

Consider this while your R & D teams are working through a design issue on a new product without leveraging the advantages of engineering rapid prototyping, your competitors have already released a similar version to the marketplace.

Is that really a risk you want to take, when the availability of making of 3D rapid prototype can facilitate the successful development of your products?

A.P. Extrusion offers rapid prototyping services to the following industries:

We want to help your company maintain its competitive edge. We invite you to contact A.P Extrusion to discover the benefits that our rapid prototyping manufacturing can provide to your company.

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