Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume

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Honkia Prototype specializes in Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing, we make prototypes for product development and also end products for market directly. Taking the advantages of labor cost in mainland China and expertise in product prototyping to production, we offer economical and quality rapid custom manufacturing services.Our sales engineers speak and write fluent English, having strong engineering background and solid experience from rapid prototype to production, and knowing how to work with customers …More

Good Communication. At Honkia, our sales engineers speak and write fluent English, also have strong engineering background and solid experience from rapid …More

Economical Cost. Rapid custom manufacturing is a labor intensive service that labor cost takes majority of …More

Fast Delivery. Working in a fast paced industry, fast delivery is vital to help customer put products to market …More

Quality Assurance. Quality is our top priority all the time, we know customer care it seriously besides the cost …More

Great Service. We do not only make prototypes or parts, we do also help and work with customers to go ahead …More

The customer was a western Australia company offering professional service and engineered solutions for fluid systems around the world. This aluminum prototype was made to test its liquid pressure before low volume manufacture …More

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