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TRM – Turnning Your Ideas Into Production Realities

CNC Machining Services To Meet Your Production Needs

Plastic Injection Molded Parts Delivered In 1 To 3 Weeks

Custom Metal Parts In Competitive Prices

Quality Is The Fundation Of Our Survival

Based on our extensive and professional experience, we will always recommend the best prototyping method at low cost and fast delivery, and thus to help you achieve the design verification.

Whether you need 10, hundreds or thousands parts per month or need this amount every few months, TRM low volume manufacturing services can meet your needs. We will be using full speed to help you get your part quickly and launch the market successfully.

We provide molding service to meet your small to mass production needs. Through our continuous technical innovation, we can ensure the competitive price, short lead time and the premium quality for your customized workpiece. Our goal is to be your trusted and reliable supplier.

Premium quality is the foundation for our business survival.

We have a strict quality control system, each workpiece is guaranteed to be inspected before shipping.

For any customer feedbacks, our QC team will response it quickly and will solve it in the shortest time.

TRM Co., Ltd is one of the professional manufacturing enterprises in China. We specialize in the rapid prototype, CNC precision machining, rapid injection molding, pressure die-casting, and small to massive production run. The high product quality and quick response services are our company fundamental policy. Our proven and skilled professional team can guarantee that high quality and stable products will be provided…

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